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Prince Tramennis: So now that you've tried on that ridiculous livery, I was thinking perhaps it's time for you to turn back to Jetstone.

What say you, brother?

Ossomer: You should know better than to ask that, Prince Tramennis.

Prince Tramennis: But I am asking.

If you are still anything like the Ossomer I knew-

Ossomer: I am Ossomer.

Prince Tramennis: Then you should know that serving the likes of Stanley the Plaid would-

Ossomer: Stanley the Tool.

Prince Tramennis: ... would be beneath you.

Prince Tramennis: Surely, you must have said that of Ansom a hundred times! How often did you rail against Stanley's dishonor?

His "loathesome, crawling deceit and cowardice," I believe was the sort of thing you used to say?

Ossomer: I do not serve Stanley.

I, and the Tool, and Commander Firebaugh, and Ansom for that matter all serve the Titans.

And there is no turning away from that path.

It would be to turn from the divine will itself.

King Slately: I heard no mention of "Parson the Hamster Lord" in that list...

Prince Tramennis: Indeed! What of your new Chief Warlord, Ossomer?

Promoted over you. That must seem familiar.

Ossomer: I know little about him, to be frank.

I am told he is an instrument of Fate, the "perfect warlord."

I do understand him to be... unorthodox.

Prince Tramennis: Is that your new word for "dishonorable?"

Ossomer: Not at all.

Prince Tramennis: He violated a truce for parley, Ossomer!

That's how he croaked Ansom.

Ossomer: Well, I'm certain he would not do so lightly!

Prince Tramennis: Then I would speak to him.

And have him give account of himself.

Let me judge him for myself.

Prince Tramennis: We will see if he is some kind of supreme warrior, Titanically gifted with the holy light of battle shining upon him from above... Or if he-

Prince Tramennis: Or if he is... in fact, lower than Stanley!