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Cubbins: There he is.

Ace Hardware: There he is!

Your Highness!

Ace: Highness!

Prince Tramennis! A moment of your time!

Prince Tramennis: Mm?

Ace: We've fabricated an item for you.

Ace: So if I could just show you how it works...

King Slately: No, he hasn't a moment, Dollamancer!

Not for that.

Move aside!

Prince Tramennis: Yes, after the parley, Ace.

Go back into formation.

Maggie: "The King and Prince of Jetstone are now signaling for parley, Lord."

Parson: "Arright, good. Send Ossomer in alone."

Maggie: What are his orders?

Parson: Just tell him to stall. We won't need long.

Sizemore: Warlord, you can't.

Parson: Can't?

Physically can't?

Sizemore: No, you mustn't, I mean.

Sizemore: "It's forbidden by convention. You don't attack through portals. You can't-

You don't send a caster from the Magic Kingdom to enter a city you don't control!"

Parson: Yeah. And I'm not a caster, I'm a warlord.

Sizemore: The same principle applies!

Parson: Who says?

I don't think it does.

Parson: "They don't recognize my right to even go into the Magic Kingdom.

So why do I have to play by their rules?

Anyway, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

Sizemore: Warlord...

Parson: "Look, Sizemore... we might not even go.

But if we do, you don't have to go through to Spacerock with me.

Just get me to the portal safely."

Prince Tramennis: Brother, it pains me to see you this way.

Ossomer: Yes, I would imagine it-

Prince Tramennis: Ansom!

Now Ansom could, admittedly, pull off the scarlet-and-black.

But I'm sorry, that is an atrocious look on you.