Book 2/Page 108/Transcript

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Maggie: "A dictate from Jetstone, Lord.

Our forces in the airspace are ordered away from the tower."

Maggie: As conditions to formal parley, all Foolamancy must be dispelled, and our forces must assemble over the garrison, within range of their archers and casters.

Lord Hamster: Oh, no.

Lord Hamster: No, we couldn't be that lucky.

Maggie: Lord?

Lord Hamster: Do it.

Lord Hamster: Have Wanda comply, to the letter.

But make sure she puts screening stacks between her and the tower.

Hey, Sizemore.

Sizemore: Warlord.

Lord Hamster: Got a problem for you.

How's your juice?

Sizemore: Um. I'm full.

Lord Hamster: Good. Okay, you said you can cast in the Magic Kingdom, right?

Sizemore: Yes...

Lord Hamster: Can you tunnel?

Sizemore: Tunnel.

Lord Hamster: Yeah, can you?

Sizemore: Well, yes.

Lord Hamster: Good.

Lord Hamster: Now can you tunnel under Portal Park, all the way from our portal to the one that goes to Spacerock?

Sizemore: I... can.

... why would I?

Lord Hamster: Because you always wanted to see a big fat guy do a fifty-yard dash in a suit of armor, underground?

Lord Hamster: Erf--



Sizemore: I'm... pretty sure I haven't.

Lord Hamster: I have.

This place needs YouTube.