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Prince Tramennis: So what we learn from this is that Ansom was croaked in a false surrender parley.

And then Lord Hamster used a Thinkamancy link to turn the entire mountain into a Dirtamancy trap.

Prince Tramennis: And he was able to enter the Magic Kingdom.

King Slately: Indeed.

Prince Tramennis: He's some kind of Mathamancer, also.

Extraordinary fellow.

King Slately: That is one word for him.

Prince Tramennis: But all this tells us, Father, is that Charlie doesn't want us talking to this man.

Prince Tramennis: Which could be for the reasons he states, that this unlikely-looking Warlord is some transcendent tactical genius.

King Slately: He has made a compelling case.

Prince Tramennis: Perhaps. But it's ever so clear that Charlie fears this Warlord's power.

Prince Tramennis: And I wonder if it isn't just... that he fears that power falling into the wrong hands. Fears Jetstone will ally with Gobwin Knob

King Slately: Ally...

With Stanley?

No, he would know that's preposterous.

Prince Tramennis: Mn. It's not entirely so.

Prince Tramennis: We are in a position of great leverage here.

We are about to recover the Arkenpliers, and therefore stop all this "Decryption" witchery.

The war changes today.

Ends, in some senses.

Prince Tramennis: But they are still a terribly powerful side.

Gobwin Knob could still eventually crush the Coalition, even without the ability to Decrypt our fallen.

Prince Tramennis: We could bargain with them in earnest, Father.

King Slately: Bargain.

Of what sort?

Prince Tramennis: Oh, say we keep the Arkenpliers and the Croakamancer. Perhaps[1] execute her to be sure.

...and we'd need to take the Archons, for Charlie's bounty.

But then we let Ossomer and the rest go free, in exchange for a contract of non-aggression, bound with, say, a million Shmucker penalty?

King Slately: ...

You know, I think you just want to talk to this Warlord.

Prince Tramennis: Well, he's fascinating.