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Prince Tramennis: I wasn't actually calling to "do business," Charlie.

Prince Tramennis: All else aside, we couldn't afford you at the moment.

Charlie: Oh now!

Charlie: My arrangements are always personalized to the client's needs, on a case-by-case basis.

Charlie: You'd be surprised how much flexibility I'd be willing to show, to win back a lost customer like Jetstone.

Charlie: Besides, you've already earned 5000 Schmuckers in credit this turn.

Prince Tramennis: Have we.

Charlie: Oh yes. I've decided to offer a bounty on each Decrypted Archon.

Charlie: 5000 for each one you destroy.

Charlie: And let's say...a 25k bonus if you can capture at least one and return it to me breathing.

Prince Tramennis: Interesting

Charlie: Yes, I thought you'd be intrigued, Highness.

Prince Tramennis: No.

Prince Tramennis: Interesting that you'd say "it."

Prince Tramennis: So you are of the opinion of the opinion that Decrypted are more Uncroaked than alive?

Charlie: I'm... Hm.

Prince Tramennis: Because Queen Jillian told me she intends to turn Ansom.

Prince Tramennis: And if that is possible, then it changes things.

Prince Tramennis: Wouldn't you say?

Charlie: I'd say...answering that question definitively would be one benefit of having at least one of my former units returned to me.

Charlie: So please do try to collect the full bounty.

Charlie: It, um, would be enough to designate you heir, you know.

Prince Tramennis: Yes, I can multiply, thank you.

Charlie: I have prepared a suggested order of battle for you, which I'm offering at a discount...

Prince Tramennis: Right. So you don't know.

Prince Tramennis: I'll have to find out on my own.

Charlie: How would you do that?

Prince Tramennis: Talk to Ossomer, to start.

Prince Tramennis: If it's possible to get my brothers back, I'd like that very much.

Charlie: Um, yes. I'd... really advise against parley, Highness. In the strongest possible terms.

Prince Tramennis: Oh, and why is that, Charlie? I'm actually quite losing patience here.

Charlie: Your Highness...

Charlie: All right, you called to find out why I am in this fight.

Charlie: I don't like giving away valuable information, but you need this. Desperately.

Prince Tramennis: If you say so.

Charlie: Here...

Charlie: See.

Charlie: You were not the only man promoted to Chief Warlord this turn, Prince Tramennis.

Charlie: Your new counterpart: Parson Gotti, Lord Hamster of Gobwin Knob.

Charlie: The more-than-perfect-warlord. He is the most dangerous being in Erfworld.

Prince Tramennis: What, behind the potato[1]?

Charlie: I'll send you a dossier.