Book 2/Page 100/Transcript

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Parson Gotti: You know how I felt about this job, Maggie.

Parson Gotti: 'Bout playing this like it's a game.

Maggie: I do.

Parson Gotti: These are people.

Parson Gotti: This one can be me.

Parson Gotti: C'mon.

Maggie: Lord?


Parson Gotti: Armory.

Charlie: It's really an unexpected pleasure, Your Highness.

How can I be of service?

Prince Tramennis: Well, Overlord... that's quite a remarkable question, isn't it?

Coming from you?

Charlie: Not at all!

And just "Charlie," if you don't mind.

Prince Tramennis: Very well.

Charlie: Highness, it is only a deep and unfortunate misunderstanding which has kept us from doing business of late.

Charlescomm's neutrality has never waived!

Prince Tramennis: That's not strictly true, as I hear tell.

I hear you've in fact been aiding Royal sides.

Charlie: Do you? Ah. Well.

The rumors which surround me are myriad, you know.

Myth and legend, wild speculation, paranoid suspicions...

Prince Tramennis: Furthermore, I hear you've been doing so free of charge.

Perhaps even at your own expense?

Charlie: Well now that's simply slander.