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There are a large number of errors and changes that have appeared in the print edition of Book 1. This page will attempt to list all such differences. Most of the changes are small dialog alterations. Most were intentional. Page numbers here refer to the page numbers in the print version.

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Comic Page Differences

Page 4

  • Panel 3 - The word "exactly" was added to Wanda's second line: "Why exactly are you standing in the courtyard, holding a parasol painted with a bullseye?"

Page 5

  • Panel 2 - The "SWEEP" sound effect has been made slightly transparent and reshaped.
  • Panel 3 - Wanda's first line, "Yes, Lord.", was removed.
  • Panel 4 - The word "Just" was added to Stanley's third line: "Just pick the most handsome and dashing one left and make him a Warlord."
  • Panel 5 - The word "officer" was removed from Stanley's first line: "Are you refusing an order?"
  • Panel 6 - The number 11 has been written with letters instead of digits in Wanda's second line: "We once held eleven cities."
  • Panel 8 - Wanda's first line, "Yes.", was removed.
  • Panel 8 - The phrase "at this point" was removed from Wanda's fourth line: "Our only hope is a military genius."

Page 6

  • Panel 3 - The word "Prince" was added to Wanda's second line: "If the city falls, Prince Ansom will seize the treasury."
  • Panel 9 - Stanley's first line was changed to: "Go ahead and buy this spell for the 350,000."
  • Panel 10 - The three "step" sound effects were removed.

Page 7

  • Panel 7 - The horn sound effects have been altered.

Page 8

  • Panel 1 - Ansom's last line was changed to: "We'll move forward as a column at that time."
  • Panel 2 - Ansom's first line was changed to: "You'll have your gwiffons, plus orlies, doombats, and unipegataurs to protect our flanks from flying attacks."
  • Panel 2 - Ansom's last line was changed to: "We should be able to fight our way in to Gobwin Knob without any major losses."
  • Panel 3 - Ansom's first line was changed to: "...No."
  • Panel 3 - The "s" on the end of "Lookamancers" was removed from Jillian's second line: "Because you have no Lookamancer."
  • Panel 3 - Ansom's last line was changed to: "Our forward intelligence is not what we would like it to be, admittedly."
  • Panel 6 - Ansom's second line was changed to: "I'll send Vinny Doombats."
  • Panel 8 - Ansom's first line was changed to: "At least take a flight of orlies along."
  • Panel 11 - The "F"s at the beginning of the croaking sound effects were removed.
  • Panel 14 - The "F" at the beginning of the croak sound effect was removed.

Page 13

  • Panel 3 - Wanda's line was separated into two lines: "I can manage quite a number of magicks outside of Croakamancy. But I have little interest in them."
  • Panel 4 - Sizemore's line has been changed to: "That's what a 350,000 Shmucker spell looks like?"
  • Panel 9 - Bogroll's first line has been changed to: "And Dirtamancer Sizemore, you are ordered to the cesspit for your usual duties.
  • Panel 9 - Bogroll's second line has been moved to the beginning of Panel 10.
  • Panel 10 - Bogroll's last line from Panel 9 is now at the start of this panel.

Page 14

  • Panel 8 - Parson's Favorites list has been changed. It now lists "/tg/ - Traditional Games", "RPGnet Forums Main", "The Pirate Bay - Download music, movie" (cut off), "Goblins", " Traffic Stats", "Gen Con Indianapolis", "The Webcomic List - Your Favorites", and "".
  • Panel 9 - The word "record" in Parson's second line is now in italics instead of underlined.

Page 15

  • Panel 7 - Parson's line: "I have been been preparing." (ERROR)

Page 16

  • Panel 5 - Parson's first four lines from Panel 6, "Of course. Okay. Guilty. But..." were moved to the end of this panel.
  • Panel 6 - Parson's first four lines were moved to the end of Panel 5.

Page 17

  • Panel 9 - The "O" in the "PLOT" sound effect now has what looks to be crosshairs in it.

Page 18

  • Panel 12 - Parson's first line from Panel 13 has been moved to the end of this panel.
  • Panel 13 - Parson's first line has been moved to the end of Panel 12.
  • Panel 13 - Parson has a new line before his second: "Great."

Page 19

  • Panel 7 - Wanda's first line has been changed to: "Warlord, if you refuse an order, the spell which summoned you will end your existence entirely."
  • Panel 8 - Stanley's lines have all been changed: "He's no warlord. I'm not putting this blubbery bag of barf in charge of my army! He's completely-"
  • Panel 9 - Stanley has new lines at the beginning of the panel: "Tall. Completely tall."

Page 20

  • Panel 7 - Wanda's last line has been changed to: "Or another suitably respectful term, when addressing your Ruler."
  • Panel 8 - The word "Tool" has been capitalized.
  • Panel 15 - Stanley's second line was changed to: "Stanley the Plaid is over!"
  • Panel 15 - Stanley's last line was changed to: "Today we begin the holy reign of Stanley the Tool!"

Page 21

  • Panel 6 - Ansom's second line has been changed: "This is not to prevent escape; we will have their non-fliers well bottled up."
  • Panel 8 - Ansom's second line was changed: "Your archers will cover the siege units."
  • Panel 9 - Ansom's last line has been split in two, and the Luckless Elf's line has been moved to the middle: "...followed by the Luckless Elves..." "Aw, man." "...and the Schlemiel Elves."

Page 22

  • Panel 4 - Ansom's second line has been changed: "So long as he wields the Arkenhammer, they will defend him ferociously."
  • Panel 8 - Ansom's second line: "They turn most Uncroaked to dust."
  • Panel 8 - Ansom's third line: "But Fate magic is powerless in my case; I cannot unlock its secrets."

Page 23

  • Panel 1 - Stanley's second line: "Chiefly because... We don't have anyone else."
  • Panel 5 - Wanda's first line: "As I said, the summoning spell compels you to obey your Overlord's orders."

Page 27

  • Panel 1 - The sound effect is fancier.

Page 32

  • Panel 8 - Stanley's second line: "But it's not attuned to him, and he doesn't know why that is."

Page 34

  • Panel 4 - Vinny's third line: "He attacked us, he hit the Elves, he rubbed out Milquetoast Clan."
  • Panel 6 - Vinny is spelled "Vinny"
  • Panel 9 - Vinny's second line: "You don't see me wearing my crest. ...hittin' people overt the head with my title..."
  • Panel 10 - Ansom's first line: "That's not strictly fair..."

Page 41

  • Diplomacy/Sue for Peace is mentioned again in the Ender's Game Sub tab. That is, rather than just the once in the grey tabs. (ERROR?)

Page 44

  • Bogroll's special is listed as "Regeneration". (ERROR?)

Page 46

  • Panel 2 - Charlie's first line: "One of the sides in the great eastern conflict has finally met our price." (ERROR?)
    • Not an error Balder 15:25, 18 April 2012 (EDT)

Page 47

  • Bonus Page, only available in the print version.

Page 52

  • Panel 7 - Parson's second line: "No, I'm sorry."

Page 58

  • Panel 1 - Jillian's line: "Well I also don't take orders from mealy-mouthed, mercenary..."
  • Panel 2 - Jillian's first line: ""
  • Panel 2 - Webinar's first line: "I am under the impression that it doesn't much matter who is giving you orders, Warlord."
  • Panel 8 - Jillian has a line added at the end: "Pleeease."
  • Panel 9 - Webinar's first line from Panel 10 is at the end of this panel: "Which this doesn't need to be."
  • Panel 10 - Webinar's first line has been moved to Panel 9.

Page 59

  • Panel 15 - Vinny's first line: "Crap, they could do some real damage that way."

Page 63

  • Panel 10 - The first box of text is a balloon coming from Vinny, instead of a text box spoken by Ansom. (ERROR?)

Page 70

  • Panel 11 - The "+" in Jillian's first line seems to be a superscript or something.
  • Panel 11 - Jillian's last line has two exclamation marks: "Let's go!!"

Page 91

  • Panel 7 - "Vinnie" has been changed to "Vinny" in Ansom's last line.

Page 104

  • Panel 2 - Vinny's last line has been removed: "But there's more to the Titans' will than just who they left in charge."

Page 108

  • Panel 1 - The sound effects have been changed. The leftmost sound effect now says "FORE-DOOM", and all of the sound effects are now reddish and blockier.

Page 126

  • Panel 4 - Vinny's line has been splits: "Havin' the Chief Warlord in the hex adds another bonus. So every bat we got here is like advanced infantry."

Page 136

  • Panel 12 - "Yeah!" is only said by one golem.

Page 138

  • Bonus Page, only available in the print version.

Page 143

  • Bonus Page, only available in the print version.

Page 149

  • Bonus Page, only available in the print version.
  • Sizemore collapses the mountain

Page 159

  • Bonus Page, only available in the print version.
  • Thinkamancer discussion

Page 168

  • Panel 6 - A text box has been added: "End"

Text Page Errors

Page 171

  • In the first paragraph it says there was only one green dwagon, but there were at least two greens shown in the comic. And since we have also seen a blue, purple, and yellow that survived, it means there should only be one red.
  • Technicality - This probably doesn't really matter, but in the third to last paragraph it is stated that dwagons and spidews were Gobwin Knob's only heavy units. However, twolls were also described as being heavy units.

Page 180

  • Emperor's New Cape - In the third paragraph Vinny is said to have stored his bats and coffin in his cape, yet he has never been seen with a cape.

Page 190

  • Typo - About halfway through, after "Why?," the word "the" should be the word "then."

Glossary Errors


  • Typo - In the second definition, "unite" should be "unit".