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Parson Gotti: Sounds like you're saying the whole mountain is a honeycomb of tunnels.

Sizemore Rockwell: Essentially.

Parson Gotti: That strikes me as bad for defense.

Worse than if you had one or two choke points to defend.

Sizemore Rockwell: These weren't dug for defense, Warlord.

This was for mining.

Parson Gotti: Oh.

Sizemore Rockwell: "There were a lot of gems here, once.

Fed the treasury for a long time, until we finally mined it out.

Parson Gotti: But you can still use these tunnels for defense, right?

Collapse them on attackers and stuff?

Sizemore Rockwell: In a pinch.

There are a number of spell defenses I'd like to show you.

Here and in the city above.

Sizemore Rockwell: "But I worry about their effectiveness.

Collapsing enough of these tunnels would collapse the city itself."

Parson Gotti: "Would that destroy an invading army?"

Sizemore Rockwell: "Not really.

They'd just claim the ruins and rebuild."

Parson Gotti: "Boop."

Parson Gotti: "So did you personally dig all of these tunnels?"

Sizemore Rockwell: "Many of them. Maybe most.

There was already a large tunnel system as part of the ash cone.

But, yes. I've spent many a boring turn down here."

Parson Gotti: Pun intended?

Sizemore Rockwell: Indeed. I'll have to get used to having a boss who gets jokes again.

Parson Gotti: This whole world is a joke. I told you, half the names around here are puns on things in my world.

Sizemore Rockwell: Must be kind of surreal.

Parson Gotti: "It's annoying.

So Stanley is not your first boss?"

Sizemore Rockwell: "Oh, no.

I popped under the reign of King Saline IV.

He was a good man. I miss him."

Parson Gotti: Saline the Fourth, like... "Saline I.V.?"

Sizemore Rockwell: Another pun in your world?

Parson Gotti: Yeah, but...

Parson Gotti: I mean, it's also the kind of thing I would've overheard in a hospital room.