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Vinny Doombats: Yep, lost it.

Vinny Doombats: That's six. It's a full circle.

Prince Ansom: Sorry, Count. But we had to know.

Vinny Doombats: Oh I agree, yer Honor.

Vinny Doombats: That far hex was weak, though. Stack had only three dwagons, a yellow, a purple, and a pink.

Prince Ansom: That is sensible.

He has tilted his strength to the side of the formation which faces us.

The easiest side for us to attack.

Unaroyal Warlord: Should we attack?

Can we not just push on toward the city?

Prince Ansom: *sigh*

We surmise that the wounded dwagons Stanley withdrew had low remaining move.

They needed a safe hiding place.

Hence, this fort formation.

Three warlords, and as many as two dozen heavily wounded dwagons are lurking in that base hex.

Prince Ansom: If we allow those dwagons to heal at dawn, they will again hit the column with the same tactic. With more than twice the force.

Hobbittm Warlord: We lost more than 40 percent of our siege.

Prince Ansom: We could lose the rest.

This turn's losses will look small, if we do nothing.

Sofa King Warlord: Air cover?

Vinny Doombats: Not a lotta that can reach.

Prince Ansom: Commander Zamussels is requesting to return to the column, but only she and five top gwiffons, plus Charlie's Archons, have the move to reach the center of that hex.

I will hold her in reserve.

Prince Ansom: Our forest units will attack. We'll swing around behind, and punch through the weak hex.

Vinny Doombats: Uhhhh...

That'll eat up about all or our move, boss.

Prince Ansom: It will.

But we must conserve our limited forces, to take on the base hex.

Unaroyal Warlord: Will we have enough?

Against a score of dwagons, and three warlords?

Vinny Doombats: Dwagons with just a few hits left.

Prince Ansom: Indeed.

And three uncroaked warlords.