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Our force:
3 uncroaked warlords
19 Group "A" dwagons (56+ move)
27 Group "B" dwagons(< 56 move)

Critical Facts (confirmed by Misty and/or library books)

  1. Flying units in forest spaces can only be attacked by other flying units (note: and forest-capable units. Ansom has Woodsy Elves and Gumps. Incomplete information: it's part of this complete breakfast! Stupid, Stupid Meal![1])
  2. Flying stacks with a commander may selectively engage non-fliers on their own turn (exception: enemy archery units may attack you if you are on their space... avoid!)
  3. Thinkamancer will be able to send realtime battle instructions to uncroaked warlords (Ansom gets a puppet show)
  4. Wounded units completely heal prior to starting next turn (dawn for us, start of turn for enemy).

Our plan:

  • All units advance to heavy trees near middle of column. Need 7 hexes of forest together to work
  • B-dwagons form 6 stacks of 4 and 5 units, one stack per hex, in a circle, surrounding a "base" hex.
  • Stacks of 5 A-dwagons and 3 warlords enter the column, engaging only weak stacks with siege units.
  • Warlords use dwagons preferentially to attack siege units, breaking attack when siege are destroyed.
  • When all dwagons are wounded or all reachable siege is destroyed, warlord stack falls back to base.

Add'l Notes:

  • Use A-dwagons with lowest move as attackers first, to extend warlord stack's range into column.
  • Spacing of enemy stacks and our move restrictions may require splitting warlord stacks for attack.
  • Dwagons can reach capital next turn, so we hit the rest of the siege surgically and bring them home.