Book 1/Page 37/Transcript

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Bogroll: My Lord Parson!

Dawn is threatening!

Parson Gotti: Mmkay.

Didn't wake up all safe at home.


Bogroll: I have gathered some things for you!

Parson Gotti: Things.


Bogroll: Behold!

Parson Gotti: Armor?

Bogroll: With your crest! I was very careful...

Parson Gotti: Fffff!


Bogroll: Did I make a mistake...

Parson Gotti: No...

No, Bogroll, I can't think of anything that would represent me better than Hamstard.

...and two pizza stains.

But I don't know how to wear armor.

Bogroll: My job, Lord.

We must hurry, though.

Parson Gotti: It just occurred to me that I may have eaten my last pizza.

And that makes me sad.

And hungry.

Did you bring any food?

Bogroll: Your rations will pop at dawn.

But I did make some pigeon pie for you.

Parson Gotti: Pigeon pie?

Bogroll: Yes, Lord!

It's got walnuts![1]

Although I don't remember putting any walnuts in it...

Parson Gotti: I'll pass.

Bogroll: Did you sleep well?

Parson Gotti: It got cold. But I used that weird teddy bear quilt that was on the floor.

Bogroll: They're snuggly.

Parson Gotti: They are!

Uh, shouldn't I get a shower?

Bogroll: Shower, Lord?

Parson Gotti: Or a bath?

Parson Gotti: Getting clean?

...You may be the wrong person to ask.

Bogroll: Cleansing happens at dawn as well, Lord.

Follow me, please.