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Sound: FLING!

Parson Gotti: Whee. Stairs...

Stanley the Tool: These are your warlords, such as they are.

In descending order of freshness... meet Lord Manpower the Temporary, Lady Phat-Singh, Archduke Ferdinand, Sir Leeroy Jenkins, and Ensign Toast.[1]

Parson Gotti: Oh I am

definitely in a coma.

So are they alive, or what?

Stanley the Tool: Uncroaked. They each fell in battle, and Wanda... whatchacallit...

Parson Gotti: Animated them?

Stanley the Tool: Animated them. They can follow simple orders and lead troops.

Parson Gotti: But they have no will?

Stanley the Tool: Fraid not.

Parson Gotti: So, not alive. And they deteriorate over time?

Stanley the Tool: Yep.

Does make 'em cheap to feed, though.

Stanley the Tool: Ahem.

Parson Gotti: Bwahahah hee hee heh!

Parson Gotti: Good one.

Stanley the Tool: Know what?

Forget the joke thing.

Stanley the Tool: I have a wry, sophisticated sense of humor.

Can't always be explaining every nuance to you.

Manpower the Temporary: Pie.[2]