Book 1/Page 22/Transcript

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Prince Ansom: Lofty Elves and Altruist Elves, you'll be throwing heals where needed.

Altruist or Lofty Elf: What's in it for us?!


Kidding. ...I'm kidding!

Prince Ansom: Ahem.

Superfluous Elves, you'll be a reserve force, used as needed.

Superfluous Warlord: Yeah that'll happen.

Prince Ansom: Commander Zamussels... is currently on a scouting mission. But she will handle the air battle.

Prince Ansom: Stanley's dwagons are his greatest remaining threat.

So long as he wields the Arkenhammer, they will defend him to the death.

She will have the toughest job.

Prince Ansom: Vinny, you'll help with your bats as much as you can.

Vinny Doombats: Sure thing, yer Honor.

Vinny Doombats: But, uh...

I got a question.

You control one of the Arkentools, too, right?

Don't they cancel each other or somethin'?

Prince Ansom: I wield the Arkenpliers.

But I am not attuned to them, as Stanley is to his artifact.

Sound Effect: THWUFF

Prince Ansom: At best, they are a good combat weapon. Indeed they turn most Uncroaked to dust.

"But Fate magic is powerless in my case; I cannot unlock their secrets. I know of no-one who can."

Prince Ansom: It will not matter.

We have four times the forces we need to take that city, especially against that madman's "leadership."

We are all courageous and competent warlords. But against this foe, we will be as the Titans themselves.

Prince Ansom: For Stanley has squandered his leadership corps. He has no-one left to command his forces. No-one.