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Narrator: ...which left Lord Manpower the Temporary, Stanley's last Warlord, exposed to enemy crossbows.

Manpower the Temporary: Prepare to counterattack. Protect the siege engines.


Gobwin: My lord...?

Manpower the Temporary: I can taste key lime pie.[1]


Narrator: And that

made a bad day a great deal worse

...for Lord Stanley's Chief Croakamancer: Wanda Firebaugh.[2]

Sound: QUACK

Sound: QUACK

Sound: QUACK

(Eyebook) OverLord1: Yo

(Eyebook) OverLord1: manpwr bit it @ warchalking :(

(Eyebook) OverLord1: need u 2 uncroak him an find smoebody[3] new 2 lead army

(Eyebook) Wanda: I live to serve, my Lord.

Sound: PLOIP