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Stanley the Plaid: You can't tell me this quivering pail of pus has lead armies.

Parson Gotti: Hundreds.

No. I think... prolly thousands.

Stanley the Plaid: And you're going to tell me you've won them all?

Wanda Firebaugh: He is alive, Lord.

(In Unison) Stanley the Plaid and Parson Gotti: Debatably.

Stanley the Plaid: Hunh.

Stand up, Warlord.

What is your name?

Parson Gotti: Parson Gotti.

And I'm kind of in a lot of pain, dude.

Stanley the Plaid: It was an order.

Stanley the Plaid: And what kind of a stupid name is that?

Parson Gotti: My granddad's name?

Stanley the Plaid: Get...up!

Wanda Firebaugh: Commander Parson, if you refuse an order, the spell which summoned you will end your existence entirely.

You must serve your Lord's will and desires. Forever.

Parson Gotti: Lovely.





Stanley the Plaid: I haven't made him a Commander yet.

I'm not putting this blubbery bag of--

Stanley the Plaid: Wow, he's tall.

You're tall.

Parson Gotti: Or everyone else is short.

Stanley the Plaid: I already have enough reasons to disband you.

I'll ignore one height crack.