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Parson Gotti: Holy boop.[1] [2]

Parson Gotti: AAAAAH!! OW!

Wanda Firebaugh: Warlord.

Parson Gotti: Ow!





My booping skull!

Parson Gotti: What the boop is going on?

Wait...what is this "booping" boop?

I can't say "boop?"

Wanda Firebaugh: Warlord. You have been summoned to serve Lord Stanley the Plaid...

...and lead his armies to victory.

Stanley the Plaid: Okay! I get it. I get jokes.


Now banish this pile of crap and get me the real one, Wanda.

Wanda Firebaugh: Lord, I...

Stanley the Plaid: This isn't funny! He doesn't even speak Language!

Parson Gotti: Ow!


Wanda Firebaugh: Lord, please...

Stanley the Plaid: I can't even see his points!

Stanley the Plaid: Wanda, he's useless!

You're useless!

You got me some kind of crazy giant potato man!

Parson Gotti: No.

I understand.

Wanda Firebaugh: You do?

Parson Gotti: Yes. I'm...doing the "Wizard of Oz" thing.[3]

Or more likely...

I'm having a stroke, or I'm in a coma.

Parson Gotti: Are you a sorceress?

Wanda Firebaugh: Yes.

Parson Gotti: Do you have a headache spell?

Wanda Firebaugh: Yes!

Wanda Firebaugh: Or... To cure one? No.

If I had that, I would never stop casting it.

Parson Gotti: Boop me in the boop.