Book 1/Page 153/Transcript

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Parson Gotti: Look, I was gonna die.

Croak, I mean.

Janis: Sh.

Parson Gotti: So I took a shot at the portal, okay? I don't know why I didn't disband.

Maybe I count as a Mathamancer or a Luckamancer or something? I just...

Sound: !!!--

Sound: PINCH

Parson Gotti: Yer kidding, right?

Parson Gotti: Urh.

Janis: He's not a Mathamancer.

Janis: He's a Hippiemancer.

But guard him anyway.

Ohhh, my.

Janis: All right, I'll need a master-class Thinkamancer to unravel this link.

More than one, preferably.

I'll pay fifty Rands each!

Orko-like Caster: Say, isn't that Sizemrrfl--

Isaac: Quiet.[1]

And yes it is.

Isaac: We'll have four more Thinkamancers here in a few minutes.

No charge.