Book 1/Page 144/Transcript

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Prince Ansom: "Royalty.



I think not.

Prince Ansom: By strength and by duty and by honor does Royalty lead all, in the Titans' path.

There is no other way.

Erfworld needs no other way.

Prince Ansom: These qualities which you mock in us have led me to prevail.

That is the only rebuttal needed.

Kneel. I will have your sword.

Bogroll: For my Lord...

Bogroll: Hamstaaaaaaahrr!

Prince Ansom: Beast!

You treacherous...

Sound effect as Bogroll strikes away the Arkenpliers: SWAT

Bogroll: Eyaaahh!

Prince Ansom: Ulk!

Auburn Archon: Mn. You know...

Jaclyn probably would've warned him that was a Twoll with a veil on it.

Blonde Archon: They're not... paying... for spell security!

Auburn Archon: I'm just saying.