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Banner: Due to our strong personal convictions, we wish to stress this comic in no way endorses a belief in Michael Jackson.[1]

Banner: Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi

Bogroll: Have we a chance then, Lord?

Parson Gotti: Yeah.

I think so.

Bogroll: I knew it.

Parson Gotti: See I just learned some important things. Came up with some special missions for people.

Bogroll: Do you have any special mission for me?

Parson Gotti: Oh, I hope not.

Sound: ka-dawg

Parson Gotti: Just stand next to me, and croak any unit that isn't ours.

Bogroll: With pleasure!

Sound: crack crack-thrash

Parson Gotti: Wow.

Parson Gotti: Um... Wanda?

Parson Gotti: So. Wanna know what I learned?

Bogroll: M'Lord?

Parson Gotti: Almost no-one in Ansom's coalition can dance-fight.

Bogroll: Oh.

Parson Gotti: Y'know what else I learned?

Bogroll: What, Lord?

Parson Gotti: Uncroaked infantry, led by a master-class Croakamancer...

Sound: WOH-PAH

Parson Gotti: ...can.

Sound: Hissssssssssssss