Book 1/Page 131/Transcript

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Prince Ansom: Miscreations!

Sound effect as Flying Carpet comes to a halt: RUNN NA

Prince Ansom: Avaunt!

Sound effect as uncroaked is dusted: PARCH

Unaroyal Warlord: He's mad.


We'll see his body fall at any moment.

Hobbittm Warlord: Aye... So we should hasten.

Hobbittm Warlord: Let's GO!

MOVE that SIEGE, people!

Sound effect as rock hits wall: RUNCH

Sound: TESH[1]

Prince Ansom: Begone!

Sound effects as Hobbittm tools strike the walls: whuffchup shing chup chip

Prince Ansom: My will is the Titans' will!

No Hamster can stop me!