Book 1/Page 122/Transcript

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Stanley the Tool: Were you talking to yourself? Or did you just get a Thinkagram?

Jack Snipe: I think that I think. Therefore...

Jack Snipe: I think that I am![1]

Stanley the Tool: You're really a mess, aren't you?

Jack Snipe: The medium...

is the mess.[2]

Stanley the Tool: Look. Maybe I'm partly...


Look, we can work on straightening you out when we get to Faq.

Stanley the Tool: Right?

Remember Faq?

It's gonna be your home again. We're going there.

Jack Snipe: Fools rush in, where fools have been before.[3]

Stanley the Tool: But we might not make it, y'see?

If you don't pull yourself together and cast a real veil.

Do you see?

Jack Snipe: O, woe is me!

To have seen what I have seen.

Stanley the Tool: Huh?

Jack Snipe: See what I see![4]

Knight: Orders, Tool?

Stanley the Tool: We're punching through!