Book 1/Page 120/Transcript

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Stat Block:

Jack Snipe
Move: 8
Hits: 6
Combat: 2
Defense: 2
Special: Caster, Foolamancer

Parson Gotti: Jack... Snipe?

This is Lord Hamster, your Chief Warlord.

I'm calling to help you, Jack.

Jack Snipe: O, tempt not a desperate man...[1]

Jack Snipe: ...nnuncle!

Sound effect as powder flashes: redox[2]

Sound effect as liquid flows: GLERSH

Sound effect as substance flows: BLOOP BLOOP

Sound effect as Webinar smells the liquid: SNIFF

Sir Webinar: It isn't water!

Sir Webinar: Climb!

And cover!

Sound effect as flames appear: FITH[3]

Unknown speaker, probably Webinar: Go!



Sound effect as someone burns: eyaah!