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Sofa King Warlord: We should be feasting tonight in Gobwin Knob.

Unaroyal Warlord: Aye! At Lord Stanley's table!

Superfluous Warlord: Rrm.

Hobbittm Warlord: Agreed, Prince.

Instinct tells me we ought to have seized the initiative.

Why did we not?

Prince Ansom: For several important reasons. Hear me.

Prince Ansom: Firstly, should the flying mission succeed in croaking Stanley on his next turn, the city will revert to helpless barbarism.

Initiative would be ours, regardless.

Council Member: The flying group!

Unaroyal Warlord: Did they even survive?

Hobbittm Warlord: If that is where you are pinning your hopes, Highness--

Prince Ansom: Secondly!

Prince Ansom: Had I ordered the tunnel contingent to attack the garrison this turn, Lord Hamster would have withdrawn his forces from the outer walls to aid the fight.

Or sent them down to flank our tunnel units.

Unaroyal Warlord: Your tunnel units...

Sofa King Warlord: It wouldn't have been sufficient.

We'd've gone through the outer walls!

Superfluous Warlord: With what siege?

Prince Ansom: Precisely.

Prince Ansom: We may have lost only forty percent of our siege, but those were mainly the units closest to the city.

Only a scant few arrived this turn.

We'll have six times as many at our disposal on the next turn.

Prince Ansom: "At that point, Hamster will have only losing options. Leave the garrison undefended and our tunnel forces will take it with ease.

Withdraw from the walls, and we knock them down, and take the garrison from without."

Prince Ansom: You can see that he fears most for the outer walls.

He has deployed nearly everything he has there.

(There is no text in this panel.)

Singing Troops:

Oh the mighty men of Jetstone
Their testes have not yet grown!
Their king stays home and gets stoned,
While the prince goes out and gets pwned!

And the men from Transylvito
Are hung just like mosquitos!
To protect their little egos
They put burritos in their Speedos!

Bogroll: Your drumstick is ready, m'Lord.

Parson Gotti: I'm slowly learning what you can say...