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Parson Gotti: They've got the tunnels now?

Sizemore Rockwell: Yes. It's solid enemy infantry down there.

I actually had to disarm some of the traps,

so that they didn't set them off early.

Parson Gotti: Good.

Sizemore Rockwell: Do you really want so many units on the outer walls?

They could walk in here right now, more or less.

Parson Gotti: Oho, if they go now? It won't matter how we're deployed.

But don't worry.

Parson Gotti: They won't try it this turn. Ansom thinks he's got us.

Sizemore Rockwell: Doesn't he?

Parson Gotti: Well, probably.

But if he ends this turn without attacking, then we've at least got a shot.

Sound: TA-DA!

Parson Gotti: ...

Holy boop.

Parson Gotti: Maggie, get over here!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Parson?

Sound: EEP?

(Eyebook) LordHamster: omg h4x[1]

Sound: TA-DA!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: lol

Sound: TA-DA!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Indeed! So... what are you up to?

Parson Gotti: It's Charlie.

I thought these things were secure!

Maggie: I... did as well, Lord.

Parson: Man, if he's been reading my notes...

Sound: EEP?

(Eyebook) LordHamster: In mah base, croakin yer d00dz.[2]

Sound: TA-DA!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: *sigh* It would be Jaclyn. I'll miss her.

Sound: TA-DA!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: You gave us a bloody nose there, Parson.

Sound: EEP?

(Eyebook) LordHamster: So not sorry.

Sound: TA-DA!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Heh.

Sound: TA-DA!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Anyway, a new opportunity has presented itself. Let's talk some business.