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Twoll: I hate ending turn out in the open field, y'know? I feel like one tasty target.

Sound: SWOOP!

Twoll: Um.

Twoll: I can count to three... One... Two...

Jillian Zamussels: Three.

Gwiffon: MWARRRH


Sound: kritch skritch

Letter: X -1214 Y +455 3 INF, 1 TWOLL CROKD, NO CAS

Jillian Zamussels: Hoffa.[1]

Sound: POOF

Sound: rumble

Prince Ansom: Livingston.[2]

Sound: FOOP

Prince Ansom: Your mission is ground support, Webinar. But it could turn into rescue/recovery.

She's not just scouting; she's apparently hitting targets of opportunity.

Please be careful.

Sir Webinar: Yes, Highness.

Prince Ansom: She, um.

She doesn't know you're coming.

But she might be very grateful.