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Book (IPTSF)
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This is a prequel to Book 1 of the comic, so is informally described as "Book 0". There may be more prequels, of course, in which case the numbering might have to change...

It describes the origin of Wanda Firebaugh, some formative moments for Jillian Zamussels, and the fall of the Haffaton Empire and Olive Branch.

Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower)

Descriptive Table of Contents

Part 1: The Fate of Goodminton

Day 1

Goodminton's turn
  1. Episode 1: A new Firebaugh is born.
  2. Episode 2: Wanda attends Temple.
  3. Episode 3: Wanda meets the rest of the family.
  4. Episode 4: Wanda volunteers for active Duty.
  5. Episode 5: Wanda gets bawdy.

Day 2

  1. Episode 6: When life gives you lemons, Wanda uncroaks an army.

Day 18

  1. Episode 7: Wanda learns to play dice.
  2. Episode 8: The dice explain luck.
  3. Episode 9: Wanda's fate is to choose flowers over fire.
  4. Episode 10: Firebaugh fires Delphie Temple, embraces Wanda.

Day 21

  1. Episode 11: Wanda and Tommy discuss trees and Magic.

Day 23

  1. Episode 12: A hippie tells the atomic bomb to chillaxe.
  2. Episode 13: Olive branch causes uncroaked to smile.
  3. Episode 14: Wanda wants to escape Haffaton's grasp, so Tommy hatches a plan.
  4. Episode 15: Wanda refuses to bed with the enemy.

Day 24

  1. Episode 16: Wanda contemplates the merits and risks of love and chocolate.
  2. Episode 17: Neither Wanda nor Olive turn, but Frenemy and Quisling do.
  3. Episode 18: Wanda grieves in her own way.

Day 27

  1. Episode 19: Wanda goes Hat Magic.
  2. Episode 20: Wanda comes up with a capital leveler, Minnow Tower rises up over the capitol level, Delphie levels up, and Quisling and Frenemy give up on leveling the capitol.

Day 33

  1. Episode 21: Wanda visits Magic Kingdom, meets old new friends.
  2. Episode 22: Wanda asks Dice to choose Fate or Luck. He answers with Love.
  3. Episode 23: Wanda gets dolled up.
  4. Episode 24: Wanda predicts her Fate.

Day 45

  1. Episode 25: Wanda makes a promise.

Day 46

  1. Episode 26: Wanda is promoted to Overlord of Goodminton, which promptly disbands.

Part 2: Faq's Hope

The Field Party

  1. Episode 27: Jillian is alive!
  2. Episode 28: Jillian tells a Christian to turn the other cheek.
  3. Episode 29: Jillian is told to come home.

Banhammer's Court

  1. Episode 30: Jillian comes home.
  2. Episode 31: Battle of a different sort.
  3. Episode 32: Banhammer reveals his plan.
  4. Episode 33: Jillian counters with her own plan.
  5. Episode 34: Jillian shocks the shockamancer.


  1. Episode 35: Without real war, the Wonderful Royal Expeditionary Company of Doom contents itself with Air War.
  2. Episode 36: The die is cast in Diecast.
  3. Episode 37: After checking herself out in a mirror, Jillian rides the light rail.
  4. Episode 38: Jillian gets her freak on, is seen, gets freaked out, flees the scene.

Wanda's Garden

  1. Episode 39: Wanda shows off her garden.
  2. Episode 40: Wanda tells Jillian about the paths.
  3. Episode 41: Wanda wanders off, and Jillian's stomach growls.
  4. Episode 42: 120 turns of Wanda
  5. Episode 43: Wanda talks about why, and Jillian talks about who.

On the run

  1. Episode 44: Steamboat Jilly
  2. Episode 45: Jillian gets high on a Dwagon, and the Dwagon gets high on elves.
  3. Episode 46: Jillian gets wet with three archons.

Goodminton Revisited

  1. Episode 47: Jillian visits Goodminton.
  2. Episode 48: Jillian doesn't find any traps, just caps and maps, and a blast from the past from a certain cast(er).
  3. Episode 49: After much hugging Gillian and Olive play catch.

Olive's Garden

  1. Episode 50: A yellow brick road is followed to an Emerald City.
  2. Episode 51: After a Jester fails catastrophically, the mean ol' Wizard of Erf is spoken of.
  3. Episode 52: A Florist shows her fangs as the Fate of Faq is revealed.
  4. Episode 53: Wanda sadly speaks and plucks.
  5. Episode 54: The yellow brick road is revisited.

The Emerald City

  1. Episode 55: An audience requests an audience.
  2. Episode 56: A ceremonial crowning takes a turn for the worse.
  3. Episode 57: A discussion of sorcery is quite rudely interrupted.
  4. Episode 58: The King of Wisdom acts unwisely and the Queen of Life drains more life.
  5. Episode 59: Determined to prevent Nookie at all costs, the Chief Warlord of Faq interrupts a discussion.

The Last Dawn

  1. Episode 60: Banhammer asks his court to turn.
  2. Episode 61: How did you get the Arkenshoes?!
  3. Episode 62: Judy prefers Kansas to Olive Garden and sword beats axe.
  4. Episode 63: When life gave Jillian Lemon Jefferson, Jack gave her lemon-aid
  5. Episode 64: Jillian loses a prisoner, but gains a Capital.
  6. Episode 65: Olive gets served with a Side of marshmallow.

The Trial of the Thirty Six Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Five Turns

  1. Episode 66: The trial begins.
  2. Episode 67: Feeling magnanimous, Wanda offers Olive an invitation.
  3. Episode 68: Mortism leads a phonecall.
  4. Episode 69: If you're nasty and you know it and you really want to show it...
  5. Episode 70: Two girls, one Jester.

The Garden Burns

  1. Episode 71: Preparations for the reptile hunt.
  2. Episode 72: Efbaum echoes to declarations of unlove.

The Dust Settles

  1. Episode 73: Innocence is found in death.
  2. Episode 74: Faq is reborn.
  3. Episode 75: Jillian is offered the Deal of a Lifetime.
  4. Episode 76: Jillian beats the "beat Jillian personally" special.
  5. Episode 77: A swiss army sword detects a hidden door.
  6. Episode 78: Jillian plans Faq's withdrawal, and Wanda goes into withdrawal.
    Jillian focuses on the warlord-y aspects of her Duty, while Faq's Court resumes business as usual. In trying to comfort Wanda, Jillian finds out that Charlie used to use the Buds, and may have a cure.
  7. Episode 79: Boys and their Toys.
    Jillian agrees to the Deal of a Lifetime if Charlie fixes Wanda. While she offends Betsy by asking for help, Charlie takes the opportunity to play as the Wizard one last time.
  8. Episode 80: Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
    Jillian and Wanda discuss the Deal, their cravings, and the gardens. Jillian decides to force the issue with Charlie and makes one final demand: destroy his own Buds.
  9. Episode 81: Jillian worse than croaks.