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Turn Number:95
Side's Turn:Night

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Book4 63:2/Description


The degree of deception in the proposal was nothing extraordinary, not for the Minds. But it did seem especially elegant in craft.

For example, Ivan and Claud were not in Charlescomm; they were under the layer of supposedly impermeable dirtament called "bedrock." Roger was careful to present Bonnie's testimony about Ivan and Claud to imply that Charlescomm was where they must have escaped to.

He did not claim that the Eyemancers had actually observed the two escaping through the portal. In fact, he expressly denied this, in such a way that they would suspect he was lying.

Scrying over the entire island, of course, was something the Minds regularly did, in defiance of conventional agreement. And this was now at issue. Since casting the mass collide-o-scope that ended the Battle for Portal Park, they were facing new suspicions and accusations, from everyone.

Everyone had no idea.

The Signamancers thought that the Minds were automagically bound by the grand bargain. And they were. But a State 7 trance-fusion allowed certain violations of that agreement, without penalty. It was Decided to be something Signamancers should not know.

The Dirtamancers believed bedrock was impermeable, even to Lookamancy. And it was. But a State 6 trance-fusion allowed observation right through it. It was Decided to be something Dirtamancers should not know.

There were dozens of such secrets. Many of them touched on aspects of magic that other disciplines held most sacred. When a Thinkamancer discovered one, then they had to be made to Think Alike, or cast out of the discipline entirely.

Paramount of all their secrets: the Great Minds could rule the Magic Kingdom if they wished to. A State 7 could be used to cut threads at a distance. But the Minds were not monsters. They were custodians of magic in all its diverse forms. They protected the freedom of even their rival disciplines to cast.

Freedom requires order. Charlie threatened that order. In Roger's opinion, so did Parson Gotti. And Wanda Firebaugh. The Minds had gambled too much.

Tonight, they would simplify. They would talce some of those bets back.

In the morning, the trial of Gobwin Knob commanders on charges of waging war in the Magic Kingdom would be suspended. In its place would be a short hearing to rule the Arkentools "OP," a heretical class of magic universally shunned and forbidden by all free casters.

After that, both Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob would be censured, and their portals sealed. Lady Firebaugh could be tried and executed in the afternoon.