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Turn Number:96 AW
Side's Turn:Transylvito

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Panels: 2
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Panel 1

Book4 125:1/Description[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 2

Book4 125:2/Description[edit]

Moneymancy rules – can't send shmuckers direct from side to side, but can use contracts for peace, sales, etc. Can add rules to contracts about future sales & penalties.

Contracts between sides can be drafted/signed by ruler, CW or Chief Caster. Side that drafted it pays a small amount in shmuckers to make the Natural Signamancy go. (Signamancers can use juice instead, and can make contract scrolls.)

Only Moneymancers can make gems – juice cost is negligible. Sides with m-mancers sometimes pimp them out to other sides & make gems for a cut off the top. So…

Plan Gambit is to convert entire GK treasury to 500K gems, then find a way to trade shots w/ Charlie now. Ivan Poe's brain is the key. Roger OTW[1] Need a way to call him. Not only can he rig portals – he also knows C-Comm layout.

Get defense/trap info from Ivan (or Bonnie) to plan assault through portal by GK expendables – prob Rock Golems b/c tough enough to get thru park, w/ Juggle Elves to absorb Shockmancy.

Assumes portal can be rigged – if not, maybe he can rig TV portal & I can go to CCom w/ bats from here?

Also assumes portals aren't "sealed" yet, or we can bust through seals. Again, I need Ivan's brain, bc a "Sizemore's Tunnel Redux" is possible, only this time we go thru bedrock.

If we can't rig portals, the only​ thing would be to somehow place or create units in the MK, and send them thru to CC. Free our prisoners? Grim Answer: Wanda is there

Hamstard: We are all expendable


  • ^  On the way