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Race: Decrypted (Men)
Faction: Gobwin Knob (formerly Charlescomm)
Class: Archon
Rank and Titles: AAA
Level: 9
Special: Flight Leadership (4) Thinkamancy Foolamancy

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 107

Croaked and Decrypted: Hvs.tCF 132

Bonnie is an archon originally belonging to Charlescomm, but now in service to Gobwin Knob. She is one of the highest level archons known, with a leadership special of 4Hvs.tCF 136 in addition to flight, thinkamancy, foolamancy, and possibly shockamancy. She was classified as an AAA rank and was in charge of level 40 of the Comm Towercity of Charlescomm's portal during Operation: Big Game. She used to work at the level 40 at least since she was AA rank with Tondelayo being AAA rankHvs.tCF 263. Over the course of her long career with Charlescomm, she led or mediated hundreds of contract negotiations.Hvs.tCF 152 Charlie privately regarded her as a "broken masterpiece", and as "the mistake he could not bear to discard." Hvs.tCF 144

On Charlie's orders, she led her troops into the Magic Kingdom, but was overwhelmed and croaked by a decrypted Sandy, and summarily decrypted by Wanda. When the barbarian casters attacked, she prevented the loss of the Arkenpliers, a rifle, and the information in her own head by retreating through Gobwin Knob's portal. Hvs.tCF 138 Accustomed to being treated as a top commander reporting to her ruler, Bonnie rankled at being treated as a mere knight by less experienced warlords Artemis and Antium. Hvs.tCF 142

She joined Stanley in the field and used thinkagrams to communicate with other sides on his behalf, including the continued negotiations with Transylvito for the return of Parson. Bonnie does not have Treasury Sense, and was shocked to learn that Gobwin Knob and Charlescomm have wealth vastly exceeding even her own highly informed guesses.Hvs.tCF 152 She returned to Spacerock with Stanley and joined his newly formed inner circle of Sizemore, Ace, and Antium as they deal with the aftermath of the battle in the Magic Kingdom, advocating heavily for action to repatriate Wanda to their side. Hvs.tCF 156 Antium assigned Bonnie the task of negotiating Wanda's release. Hvs.tCF 163

She negotiated with Roger of the Great Minds, who proposed that the Great Minds would help Wanda and the other Gobwin Knob units escape in return for everything Bonnie knew about Charlescomm, in particular the portal.Hvs.tCF 184 The information was passed, although the Minds eventually fell short on their end of the deal.


Archon rank AAA is probably the top tier for Charlescomm field units, only exceeded by Fox Force. Charlie may have been grooming her to join his inner circle, but failed for as-yet unknown reasons.

Decrypting Bonnie was almost the last thing Wanda did before she lost her Fate bubble.Erf-b3-p132Same-site.PNG This might be a coincidence or have something to do with Wanda's Fate.

Bonnie also shows a clear understanding of what Jed means when he uses Hawaiian phrases.Hvs.tCF 308 While feeling underutilized, Bonnie seems to have spent lot of time talking to Jed.Hvs.tCF 170 From this, she has managed to learn what he means via context. Another possibility is that she (and all?) archons may have some sort of Language/Communication special, allowing them to easily interpret woo try are talking to.

Real World References

Bonnie is a female name meaning attractive.

Since many archons are named after television or film characters, Bonnie may be a reference to Bonnie Parker, Bonnie Franklin, or others.

Due to Charlie's signamancy and his apparently broken affection towards her, she may be a reference to the little red-haired girl.