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Bogroll with Sizemore
Race: Twoll
Class: Heavy Unit, Lackey
Move: 0 (Garrison)
Hits: 12
Combat: 5
Defense: 4
Special: Fabrication

Proposed Canon

"I don't want to alarm you, m'Lady, but I'm being pursued by GLAAAAAH--."

Strengths: Obedience, Sincerity, Sanguinity

Weaknesses: Guile, Comprehension, Personal Hygiene, Depth Perception

First Appearance: TBFGK 3

Bogroll was a twoll in the service of Stanley the Tool. He was originally a henchmanErf-b1-p004Same-site.PNG ("the lowest henchman", according to himErf-b1-p085Same-site.PNG) and a garrison troop in the castle of Gobwin Knob.

In his first appearance, he was about to become the (literal) target of a prank by one of the other henchmen that perhaps would have killed most units. Wanda's desire to get "as far away from (him) as possible" when she encounters him holding a target-patterned parasol suggests that this is a recurring pattern. Wanda promoted him to lackey in attendance for Lord Hamster Erf-b1-p028Same-site.PNG, much to Stanley's bemusement, but this Fateful decision would serve not only to ensure the victory of Gobwin Knob, but possibly save Parson's life.

During the following Turns, Bogroll attempted to assist Parson, by finding him boots (they might be greaves), answering Parson's many questions (which often confused him), constructing a curraiss (with built in pauldrons, and Parson's Hamstard 'heraldry' painted on the front). He also connects the pieces of Parson's Sword together.

Later in the siege of Gobwin Knob, Bogroll is promoted to a bodyguard position and is in charge of protecting the Tower of Efdup that Parson used as headquarters until the Outer Walls were breached.

Just before the end of the siege, disguised as Parson, Bogroll ambushed and croaked Prince Ansom under the guise of surrender before being croaked himself.Erf-b1-p131Same-site.PNG and Erf-b1-p132Same-site.PNG Bogroll levelled up twice for this encounter, but was croaked by the fall. Sadly, there were insufficient remains for Wanda to decrypt him the following dayErf-b1-p146Same-site.PNG, and so Bogroll hopefully passes into the City of Heroes.

After Gobwin Knob conquers the city of Spacerock, the decoration in its Hall of Heroes is redone in Gobwin Knob's style along with the rest of the garrison. One of the statues is of Bogroll.


Parson Gotti

Bogroll was intensely loyal and devoted to Parson. Bogroll claimed that his greatest wish would be to save Parson's life. Parson became fond of Bogroll, though he found interaction with him awkward. Bogroll's death in combat played a major role in Parson's eventual decision to discard his Sword of Ruthlessness.


Bogroll seems to have a very high loyalty, especially to Parson.

Bogroll has only one eye in the manner of a cyclops, a trait not shared by all twolls.Erf-b1-p010Same-site.PNG

Bogroll is illiterate.Erf-b1-p033Same-site.PNG


Bogroll outlived Ansom long enough to level twice despite falling to the ground with Ansom:

This might mean one or more of the following:

  • Bogroll may have landed on Ansom, ensuring that Ansom died first
  • The game-like nature of Erfworld might apply damage to the attackee before applying damage to the attacker.
  • Bogroll may just have been luckier than Ansom and took less random damage from the fall
  • Heavy units and/or trolls may be less likely to die from falls than humans
  • Bogroll's 12 hits might have be enough to survive the fall
  • Ansom may have been injured from earlier events in the siege
  • Bogroll may have killed Ansom midair

The creation of Parson's cuirrass and boots may be an example of Fabrication. The forging of Parson's blade could also be considered an example of this, but it is also possible that anyone could have assembled the sword, as nobody else had been depicted trying.

Real World References

Bogroll is one-eyed - a reference to cyclops.

Bogroll is the name of a character in a PartiallyClips strip by Rob Balder. That character is also a one-eyed henchman, and like the ErfWorld character, is frequently teased by the other henchmen.

His name is a British English colloquialism for toilet paper.