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Proposed Canon

A Blessing is an excess amount of good fortune possessed by a given unit. They are balanced out by Curses.


A Luckamancy blessing is a simple boost in good numbers. They can increase the odds of carrying out a given action successfully.


Some units are particularly powerful along the Fate axis. They are especially difficult to croak. It is often described as being protected by the Titans themselves. Even succeeding is said to carry serious consequences.IPTSF Text 65 If a fated unit is successfully croaked, they will eventually be replaced by something worse.IPTSF Text 55

Fate blessings and curses seek to create a certain outcome for a given unit. The blessing or curse will remain until fate succeeds in creating that outcome. Fate enforces itself by manipulating Luckamancy and the design of units in production.IPTSF Text 64 IPTSF Text 48 When pushed hard enough, this can result in misses at point blank range or crits being miraculously deflected. Nevertheless, the expense in Luckamancy will eventually be paid off by other units on the same side.