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[[Image:Would you boop me? I'd boop me. I'd boop me hard. I'd boop me so hard.]]
Race: Men
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Caster (Dollamancer)
Rank and Titles: Count, Adept
Level: 5

Proposed Canon

"Every time I try to explain myself, I only make things worse."

Strengths: Self-motivated, juice-conscious, proud of his work, "creative"

Weaknesses: Communicating, being freaky, "creative"

First Appearance: LIAB Epilogue 19

Bill is the Dollamancer of Transylvito. He is Adept class and is level 5. He is responsible for construction of the side's forces of Molls, Dolls, and Scarecrows. He wears "greensight goggles", which may be a magic item, and an apron. Bill devotes all his spare juice at the end of turn to "personal projects," including the construction of a massive deformed golem made up of arms, legs, faces, and "lots and lots of breasts" Erf-b2-pE19Same-site.PNG.

Despite his skills, Bill is not well-regarded by units inside or out of Transylvito. Don King views him as "a man of questionable tastes and proclivities" Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG and Bill himself admits that he is not in the king's favor. Erf-b3-p148Same-site.PNG Ace Hardware dismissed him as a "pervert" Erf-b2-pT30Same-site.PNG and Queen Bea described him as "one of those commander units who had something terribly wrong with him." Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG

Bill considers his true calling the construction of "real Dolls," exploring the intersection of Thinkamancy and Dollamancy using the Life Axis. Through association with Bunny, he has enough skill in Thinkamancy to steal a g-string from a unit and bind it to a doll, to an extent that touching the doll causes the unit to feel the same sensations.

He healed a pair of captured Gobwin Knob casters, suggesting knowledge of Healomancy.


It is implied that Bill had a hand in Bunny being marked as a Baddie, as he alludes to a trust that once existed between the two of them Erf-b3-p148Same-site.PNG and that whatever he is doing to Maggie in the dungeon was the same thing that once happened to Bunny. Erf-b3-p159Same-site.PNG One of the chests in his workshop contains a deconstructed Bunny Doll, which could mean she was somehow involved in his real Dolling experiments.

Real World References

Bill is heavy with Signamancy.

The name Doller Bill is obviously a pun on the dollar bill.

Bill's behavior is a reference to "Buffalo Bill," serial killer in the movie The Silence of the Lambs, who keeps his victims in a pit in the basement and tells them "it puts the lotion on its skin".

Infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper was initially called "Leather Apron", for one he reputedly wore.

Greensight goggles are an obvious reference to modern-day night vision goggles, specifically the ones worn by Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell game series. The name is a reference to extrasensory greensight from A Song of Fire and Ice. (Night vision goggles also tie in with Buffalo Bill, mentioned above; the serial killer wears them in the film's climax.)

Bill's monster is a reference to the deformed dolls of the meme This Isn't Even My Final Form.

Bill's passion for "real Dolls" is a reference to RealDolls, a brand of life-size sex dolls.