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Benjamin Franchise
Race: Men
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Chief Caster (Moneymancer)

Proposed Canon

"For matters majestic,

the King elects

To neglect the domestic."

First Appearance: TBFGK Epilogue 11 (Referenced) LIAB 34 (Seen)

Benjamin Franchise is the Chief Moneymancer of Transylvito. He was a close friend and advisor to Don King, and every night the two discussed Transylvitan politics and finances over wine.

His first priority is the Transylvito treasury, to the point that he refers to himself and the treasury as the same.Erf-b3-p61Same-site.PNG When Don King asked Benjamin to make a gem for a sizable loan to Slately during the battle for Spacerock, Benjamin refused, echoing Don's earlier belief that they couldn't afford it. Benjamin went further, saying he needed to hear what Caesar had to say before he could loan desperately needed shmuckers to a shaky side, and eventually (respectfully) refused the order with the unanimous backing of the Transylvito warlords present at the capital. He also cautioned Don against giving additional funds to Faq, an investment he privately regarded as "fiscal abuse" and motivated by Don's fascination with Jillian. Erf-b2-pT34Same-site.PNG

Benjamin respects and admires Caesar Borgata's prowess in battle, although he cautions Don to keep an eye on Caesar's ambitions. He is uncomfortable with Bunny's subvocalizations, despite being aware that she is unable to speak, and their conversations are typically brief. Erf-b3-p157Same-site.PNG

Benjamin was a member of the bat pack.


Benjamin is apparently not a Transylvito Vampire. It is unclear if he was popped by Transylvito or was originally a barbarian caster, as he does not have Signamancy that resembles Bill or Bunny.

In the real world, Ben Franklin was a brilliant polymath: a scientist famed for his work with electricity; author, publisher, copy-editor, and printer of Poor Richard's Almanack, including assorted epigrams, minor poetry, and weather forecasts in it; a mathematician who explored "magic squares"; and one of the major political leaders of the American Revolution against King George III. Benjamin states "in doing my Duty, I try to look beyond my discipline," possibly implying a similar interest in other schools of magic. One of these interests appears to be in Rhyme-o-Mancy, as he "cancels the antsy" during the Battle for Spacerock with a Rhyme-o-Mancy rant Erf-b2-pT34Same-site.PNG and also rhymes prior to his first meeting with Parson Gotti.Erf-b3-p199Same-site.PNG

Real World References

Benjamin's name and appearance is a reference to Benjamin Franklin, especially his depiction on the one hundred US dollar note.

"Benjamin" is also a slang term for an one hundred dollar bill; "Benjamins" can be used to refer to large sums of money. Benjamin wears a gold 100 around his neck, furthering the comparison(On-Line Slang Dictonary)