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Proposed Canon

Bedrock is a form of material at the bottom of the world. The bedrock of the Magic Kingdom is said to be especially hard. Ordinary Dirtamancy is unable to manipulate it, but this can still be done with a Dirtamancy/Carnymancy caster link, though that still requires a considerable amount of juice.

It cannot be penetrated by ordinary Findamancy or Lookamancy. However, the Great Minds can secretly penetrate it using high level Lookamancy via a 6th level Thinking Alike state.

Barring high level Carnymancy, bedrock physically cannot exist outside its natural layer. Even though the Wonky Wrench is able to remove it and add it, it is never collected in the process.Hvs.tCF 274

Real World References

See the bedrock Wikipedia article.

In Minecraft, the bottom of the world is composed of bedrock blocks, which are normally impossible to penetrate. It is however possible to place and destroy them in creative mode, which allows the player to use any block. Breaking past them leads to an endless void.