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Queen Bea
Race: Men
Faction: Unaroyal
Class: Ruler
Rank and Titles: Queen
Special: Royal

Proposed Canon

"Destroy her."

First Appearance: LIAB Prologue 22

Queen Bea was the ruler of Unaroyal during and after the Battle for Gobwin Knob. She committed suicide by walking through a portal to the Magic Kingdom, ending her side and disbanding all her field units, which she had sent out of her capital, thus denying them to Gobwin Knob's forces.Erf-b2-pP22Same-site.PNG She also ordered her Chief Warlord, K.C., to destroy her daughter, the Decrypted Princess Cruz, though K.C. and his stack would be decrypted after succeeding.


Princess Cruz

Cruz was Bea's daughter. They were apparently close, as Bea mourned reports of Cruz's croaking, and later her apparent turning.

Upon discovering the truth of Decryption however, Bea was horrified. After learning of her daughter's newfound devotion to Toolism and support of Gobwin Knob's crusade, she determined that the decrypted Princess Cruz was not her daughter, but a twisted mockery, and ordered her destruction. She proceeded to do everything in her power to deny any more bodies for the Arkenpliers.

Don King

Bea and Don were very close, even having portraits of each other in their chambers.

Although unlikely that they were involved physically, they were in constant communication, both by letter and by thinkagram. Bea treasured their conversations, and drew enormous comfort from Don when it appeared that her daughter Cruz had either been croaked or turned by Gobwin Knob.

It was Don to whom Bea chose to write one last letter in her final moments.

Her death affected King Don very deeply. The Volcano Uncroaking convinced King Don that Gobwin Knob was a threat. But it was Queen Bea's sacrifice that caused King Don to become a fervent supporter of Royalism, even to the point of destroying the loyalty of his side.


LIAB 55.jpg

Bea's portrait is visible in the background of LIAB 55:13, above Don King's desk; she is described as wearing orange and red, and writes that she has Don King's picture above her desk as well. The red hair and green eyes are confirmed in an Art Blog pin-up (requires subscription).

Cruz may have been Heir to the throne of Unaroyal. With her gone, there was no hope of reviving Unaroyal at a later time.

The Great Minds believe in "the potent Naughtymancy of self-destruction."Erf-b3-p255Same-site.PNG If this is true, Bea's genocide/suicide may have wrought a devastating curse on Gobwin Knob.

Real World References

"Queen Bea" is a homonym of "Queen Bee," a reference to the insect with associated cultural connotations.

Queen Bea also can refer to the Dutch queen Beatrix who is often referred to as Bea.

Preceded by:
Ruler of Unaroyal Succeeded by:
None, side destroyed