Battle of the Storm Hex

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Previous battle: Battle of The Vengeance Fleet
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Attack on Eagle Keys
Battle of the Storm Hex
Conflict: Seaworld and Anchorbar War
Date: Unknown, 58 turns after commissioning of HMS Hubris Unsinkable II
Place: Storm Hex
Outcome: Seaworld Victory






  • Seafarers
    • Anchorbar Admiral
    • 13+ Other Warlords
  • Landsmen






  • Commanders
  • Seafarers
    • Admiral
    • 3+ other warlords
  • Landsmen
  • Ships
    • Frigate captured
    • Man-o’-war (flagship) sunk
    • Barque sunk
    • Schooner sunk
    • 3-4 other ships badly damaged by Quakkens
    • Certainly others
  • Beasts


Seaworld sent a fleet to face the growing threat of Anchorbar, which had sunk the HMS Hubris Unsinkable and the previous Vengeance Fleet under mysterious circumstances. The fleet had taken on a Double eagle after Duke Joseph Forecastle accidentally Tamed it, which led the fleet's commanding officer, Admiral Nelson Chequer to confine him to quarters for perceived insubordination.

Seaworld's Turn

The Anchorbar fleet was spotted inside the Storm Hex, and Admiral Chequer ordered the fleet to engage. The battle was chaotic thanks to the inclement Weather, several ships sank without taking much apparent damage, and there were few if any losses on Anchorbar's side. Unbeknownst to Seaworld, Anchorbar was using partially tamed Quakkens to attack from underwater, the turbulent sea hiding their large yellow forms from being seen above water.

The admiral was croaked after the HMS Hubris Unsinkable II was hit by a beam weapon, forcing Duke Forecastle to take up the duties of captaining the flagship. He ordered an approaching Frigate to be boarded rather than engaged with beam weapons. It was grappled, and a very difficult boarding action ensued. Captain Forecastle used his Double eagle to sway the fight in his favor in several critical moments, learning how its luckamancy reserve special worked in the process. The ship's captain was croaked and her first mate were taken prisoner, along with a few sailors.

Not long after the capture, the HMS Hubris Unsinkable II sank. Forecastle ordered the eagle to save Cat Harping from drowning. At this point most if not all of the Seaworld forces had been defeated, and he ordered a retreat to an adjacent hex with clear weather. His crew reluctantly obeyed.

The crew of the captured and newly christened HMS Double Eagle used the remainder of Seaworld's turn to explore the ship, and they discovered and began to feed a nearby Quakken.

Anchorbar's Turn

Thirteen Anchorbar ships entered the adjacent hex and began to chase the HMS Double Eagle. Captain Forecastle ordered his ship to circle around and engage the outermost ship, a Battleship. He used the double eagle to manipulate the luck of beam weapon strikes to avoid having his ship sunk (after a rather poorly thought out first attempt nearly blew it apart) to bring both ships into a grapple, at which point he ordered the eagle to capture the enemy ship's lubber warlord. This allowed him to use his and their tamed Quakkens to sink the enemy ship.

Another Anchorbar ship attempted to join the fray. Since boarders from the sunken ship had made it on board the Double Eagle, they attempted to reinforce them. Duke Forecastle was able to repel the boarders and sink the second ship.

Panicked, and with their fleet admiral dead, the Anchorbar ships backed off to discuss tactics. They attempted a coordinated broadside from multiple ships, but the double eagle was able to use up most of its luckamancy reserve to keep the HMS Double Eagle safe. Knowing that another barrage would sink them, Duke Forecastle sent the double eagle to attack.

Upon seeing the double eagle fly towards them, the Anchorbar ships held off their fire to avoid hitting it due to seafarer superstition. The double eagle was able to toss five landlubbers overboard before the Anchorbar ships overcame their fear of it and started firing. But that only made things worse, as the Anchorbar ships started getting hit in their own crossfire and their own quakkens attacked from below. After losing a schooner, the rest of the Anchorbar fleet retreated.

The feral quakkens did not follow the Anchorbar ships out of the hex and instead went after the HMS Double Eagle. Since beam weapons do not work against submarine units, Duke Forecastle charged up his eagle's luckamancy reserve by having his pooners attack, while his friendly quakkens defended against the unfriendly ones. Due to the luckamancy theft, the harpoons didn't even make it overboard. When the unfriendly quakkens finished croaking the friendly ones, Duke Forecastle used the luckamancy reserve to make the harpooner's throws into crits, croaking them.

The Aftermath

The HMS Double Eagle was left crippled, but it survived and escaped, discovering an unclaimed capital site. Duke Forecastle claimed it and founded the Colony of Eagle Keys, the ship was repaired, and Cat Harping sailed back to Seaworld to give a report about the battle and the Quakken taming tactic. Seaworld and Anchorbar remained at war, but with both sides now on equal footing.