Battle of Yeagerbom

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Battle of Yeagerbom
Place: Yeagerbom
Outcome: Victory for the side contracting Charlie's Archons


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The Battle of Yeagerbom, first mentioned in Hvs.tCF 263, was a battle involving Charlie's Archons.

Proposed Canon

The battle involved two sides, one of which had contracted Charlescomm. Charlie dispatched Tondelayo, who was at the time a level 7 Archon of rank AA, to lead the battle.

The battle was won by Tondelayo. During the battle she leveled to 8, and after the battle Charlie promoted her to rank AAA.Hvs.tCF 263 Unfortunately (for her), this promotion meant that she was for a while removed from frontline duty and had to serve on Comm Tower level 40.

Real World References

A Jägerbomb is a cocktail that involves dropping a shot of Jägermeister into another beverage, usually beer or an energy drink.

Chuck Yeager is a former US Air Force pilot, known for being the first to break the sound barrier.