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First Mentioned: IPTSF Text 54

Proposed Canon

Barton was a Dollamancer in service to the Side of Haffaton. Barton fell long ago.

According to IPTSF Text 56, along with Maxwell, Barton created a scarecrow, tin golem, and cloth golem that had personality and appeared to have extended Matter to the Life axis to accompany Judy Gale, which "annoyed Olive to no end" given her theory of Life as the only dominant axis. The special units reverted to their normal state when Maxwell croaked.

He taught Wanda an alternative path regarding Fate; what, specifically, has yet to be revealed.IPTSF Text 54

Real World References

Barton's Creek is a maker of collectible dolls and teddy bears.

Barton Mathis is the real name of one of several supervillians in the DC Universe who used the moniker the Dollmaker.