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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: Hvs.tCF 60

Baddies are Thinkamancers who have been excommunicated by the Great Minds for some crime. The existence of such status is one of the Great Minds' many secrets.

A baddie's punishment is enforced by spellbinding. All contact between them and other Thinkamancers, even other baddies, is forbidden except in the course of their Duties. They are also banned from using various channels of Thinkamancy and are unable to speak. If a baddie resists the spellbinding to commit a major violation, it will automagically croak them.Erf-b3-p178Same-site.PNG

When the Thinkamancer commits the violation turning them into a baddie, their golden Thinkamancy pendant turns red and bears the image of the closed eye.Erf-b3-p165Same-site.PNG

Maggie implies that the Great Minds even have methods of detecting and dealing with heretical Thinkamancers who never visit the Magic Kingdom or accept a spellbinding.

Known Baddies

  • Maxwell, second worst Baddie ever. Conducted many experiments with other casters while intoxicated. Created living dolls.
  • Bunny Velvetino, broke an Oath to the Great Minds by disclosing Thinkamancy secrets to Bill, aiding in the construction of a "real Doll", and then disclosing the information to Prince Ponzie, her lover.
  • Maggie, who used forbidden Thinkamancy to communicate with a Baddie, Bunny Velvetino. While the Great Minds decided to defer her sentence until after Charlie's defeat, Maggie self-declares herself one after the Great Minds double cross Gobwin Knob.