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It probably doesn't even count as that, more a (proposed) wiki convention. (Though maybe when Stanley is emperor of all Erfworld, he will perhaps decide that that battle was the turning point.)

After Warchalking

AW stands for "(turns) After Warchalking".

The turn numbering for Descriptive Table of Contents for TBFGK is relative to the first pages of the comic, during which the {first} battle of Warchalking happened. Thus 1 AW is the turn that the battle happened on.

It is a riff on the AD dating system, (Anno Domini).

Before Warchalking

As a corollary to AW, BW stand for "(turns) Before Warchalking". This referent would only refer to events that happened before the beginning of the comic. Since there is no Turn 0, 1 BW is the turn before the battle of Warchalking.


AW is 9 turns more than the "Turns since TBfGK" referenced at the beginning of each of the Book 1 Epilogues and Book 2 Prologues.

AW is 75 turns more than the Day number references in Book 3. That is, Day 1 of Book 3 is 76 AW.

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