Axe Bodyspray

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Axe Bodyspray
Race: Men
Faction: Squashcourt
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Royal

Proposed Canon

“Plan’s good, so you’re not the one I gotta punch.”

Strengths: Fighting, Physical Persuasion, Keeping his Father in Line, Solving Sudoku

Weaknesses: Verbal Intimidation, Socializing, People Skills, Perspiration

First Appearance: WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 1

Prince Axe Bodyspray is currently the Chief Warlord and Heir of Squashcourt, and is at least the second heir under King Scrofula.

He's a large, sweaty, physically imposing warlord, though not a Heavy. He's stoic and humorless, keen to battle and not afraid to physically assault his Ruler if he thinks it's in his Duty to his Side. He hides a keen mind behind his brutish and curt exterior, being able to solve complicated Mathamancy puzzles invented by Sudoku.


King Scrofula

Scrofula doesn't appear to have thought much of his younger son, belittling him at a banquet. He even thought him dumb, being unable to carry out the war against the union, and so calling for Lord Crush. However, he did want to keep him as an heir rather than designate Crush, so he may have held some filial loyalty. After Axe beat him to a bloody pulp to make him change his mind, he was apparently cowed long after the initial beating into staying true to the Union.

Axe's relationship to his father King Scrofula originally seems to have been one of passively obeying the whims of his father, begrudgingly allowing himself to be renamed "Chief Salad" and wearing one on his noggin for an evening. Naturally inclined to being quiet and stoic, and being less valued by Scrofula as an intellectual equal and sounding board, he doesn't seem to have party to the King's decision to ally with Bullyclub. After finding Lord Crush's plan and becoming convinced it was a good one, he physically assaulted the king to within an inch of his life in order to "convince" him of the folly of his plan. After surviving that beatdown, Axe has been able to curb King Scrofula's poor decision making-- possibly through more threats of physical violence along with logical arguments.

Lord Crush

Originally aloof and curt to the point of rudeness, Axe was uninterested in Crush's condolences for the death of his brother Prince Racket or his offer to return a loaned book. Sharing none of his brother Racket's intellectual curiosity, Axe viewed Lord Crush as a "Wart on a war pigs poop-hole"WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 3.

Their relationship seemed destined to end with a croaking when Axe appeared in Crush's cell and demanded an explanation for Crush's plan to save the So-be-it Union and double-cross Bullyclub. After consideration, Axe was forced to admit that the plan was sound, and forced his father, King Scrofula, to follow it.

They became actual friends over the course of the campaign against Bullyclub.

Prince Racket

There doesn't seem to have been much love lost between Racket and Axe. The latter was neither upset nor happy at his brother's passing when offered condolences by Lord Crush.


Considering he hides a pretty sharp mind, he may have been playing dumb and letting Racket be the one to actively play the role of smart prince and contrarian to their father's schemes.

Real World References

  • His name is a reference to Axe brand body spray, a type of deodorant frequently used by male athletes.

Preceded by:
Prince Racket
Chief Warlord of Squashcourt Succeeded by:
None, incumbent