Axe-Crush Relationship

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Originally aloof and curt to the point of rudeness, Axe was uninterested in Crush's condolences for the death of his brother Prince Racket or his offer to return a loaned book. Sharing none of his brother Racket's intellectual curiosity, Axe viewed Lord Crush as a "Wart on a war pigs poop-hole"WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 3.

Their relationship seemed destined to end with a croaking when Axe appeared in Crush's cell and demanded an explanation for Crush's plan to save the So-be-it Union and double-cross Bullyclub. After consideration, Axe was forced to admit that the plan was sound, and forced his father, King Scrofula, to follow it.

They became actual friends over the course of the campaign against Bullyclub.

Axe Bodyspray : Lord Crush