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Proposed Canon

An auto-special is a special conferred by a magic item automagically, allowing any user to use the item, even though a special is usually required for this type of item.

Guns from Charlescomm's supply have it — any Erfworld unit holding such a gun automagically knows how they work and can use it as if having an archer specialist special. Ace Hardware wasn't able to replicate this feature.Erf-b3-p156Same-site.PNG


Auto-specials are probably something that requires a spookism caster with knowledge of Weirdomancy to produce.

Parson speculates that Carnymancy linked with Dollamancy is involved. It is notable that Carnymancers can enchant objects to manipulate the perceptions of those who touch them, and the Dismiss Perfect Warlord spell was created by a Carnymancy/Weirdomancy link with the ability to temporarily feed non-casters the ability to use scrolls.