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Proposed Canon

Attuning describes the process by which a wielder of an Arkentool becomes connected with that tool, changing and enhancing its powers.

In the hands of Prince Ansom, the Arkenpliers were a good combat weapon, and particularly damaging to uncroaked.

Once they were attuned to Wanda Firebaugh, the Arkenpliers were able to create seemingly unlimited quantities of Decrypted, a brand new unit type superior to uncroaked in seemingly every way.

The attuned is connected to their artifact by a sort of string, possibly a g-string. These strings also connect the attuned user to units associated with their Arkentool, such as Wanda's connection to the decrypted. Maggie speculates it is possible to break these strings.

Attuned Arkentools and Their Wielders

Unattuned Wielders of Arkentools