Attack on Eagle Keys

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Previous battle: Battle of the Storm Hex
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Unknown
Attack on Eagle Keys
Conflict: Seaworld-Anchorbar War
Date: Unknown, a number of turns after the Battle of the Storm Hex
Place: Eagle's Gift
Outcome: Eagle Keys/Seaworld Victory

Eagle Keys, Seaworld

Anchorbar, Ferals



Eagle Keys




Eagle Keys


  • Ships
    • Minimum 3+, certainly higher




  • Unknown, probably light
  • Beasts

Eagle Keys

  • Unknown, probably light


  • Only two ships escaped the hex, all others burned or sunk
    • A number of prisoners scooped out of the water



After gaining vital intelligence at great cost during TBotSH, HMS Double Eagle was retreating to Seaworld to report the Quakken tactics of Anchorbar. The Double Eagle was low on move, low on luck and scouted every turn. The Anchorbar sailors were afraid to attack the Seaworlders due to superstition, but determined not to let them escape.

Seaworld's Turn

On the day of battle, HMS Double Eagle had an unfortunate encounter with an outraged Gunwale, that cost them their pet and namesake, that had been scaring off their pursuers. Forlornly pursuing their mascott, they spotted an island and upon exploring that island, they discovered a capital site. Here, at Cat Harping's urging, Joseph Forecastle founded the city of Eagle's Gift and declared his new side of Eagle Keys a colony of Seaworld.

The defenders of this new side consisted of several freshly popped fireball catapults and crews and a few shipwrights, leaving the defenders with no option but to stop the enemy before they landed, knowing they'd be overwhelmed if they failed.

In a last ditch attempt to improve their odds, Governor Forecastle asked three captive Anchorbar warlords to join his new side. To a man, they agreed to join the colony of Eagle Keys. As result, there were now enough warlords to lead every catapult and perhaps more importantly, a chief warlord, Don Frye.

Thus bravely in their battle set, the soldiers and sailors of Seaworld and Eagle Keys were left to await the coming of the dreaded Anchormen, hammer of Seaworld and scourge of the Royal Navy.

Anchorbar's Turn

An Anchorbar fleet consisting of an unspecified number of ships entered the hex, determined to conquer or die. They were engaged at sea by the Double Eagle and the fireball catapults of Eagle Keys. The catapult Governor Forecastle was leading struck with incredible accuracy, without a shot missed. The Anchorbar forces suffered a terrible reverse, many of their ships were burned and/or sunk, only two were able to escape the hex.

The Aftermath

Following the battle, the HMS Double Eagle went fishing for prisoners, they netted a number of Anchorbar units. They landed the catch in Eagle Keys, where, despite refusing to turn to Seaworld, every last one agreed to serve the new side.

The Double Eagle was repaired and was able to sail home to complete their vital mission by reporting their discoveries to the admiralty.

Seaworld also gained a new colony to offset the capture of two by Anchorbar earlier in the war.

The colony of Eagle Keys spread to become a three city side, boosting their capital to a level 2.

The heavy losses inflicted upon the Anchorbar fleet during the expedition must have prevented them from taking advantage of the destruction of Admiral Chequer's fleet.

The Seaworld-Anchorbar war raged on for hundreds and hundreds of turns, both sides making heavy use of Quakken irregulars.

Cat Harping became an admiral and led a great fleet to battle against the Anchormen.

The double eagle the HMS Double Eagle was named after later returned to visit Jospeh Forecastle.