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Atomic "Tommy" Firebaugh
Race: Men, Uncroaked
Tribe: Croatan (lost tribe)
Faction: Goodminton
Class: Chief Warlord

Proposed Canon

"If we play it right, then right now Haffaton's cities are busy popping our future armies!"

Strengths: Cheerfulness, Bawdy Songs

Weaknesses: Optimism, Estimation of Own Sex Appeal

First Appearance: IPTSF 1

Tommy (short for Atomic) Firebaugh was Chief Warlord for Goodminton around the time when Wanda popped.

He is described as a man of sturdy constitution, "built like a siege tower". He has abundant facial hair and a coal-black beard. He wears a wool cloak of slate blue, lined with starfox fur.

He seems to have good nature and likes Rhyme-o-mancy.

Ultimately, he was croaked by Olive Branch with a poisoned kiss, after refusing to Turn to Haffaton.IPTSF Text 17

Real world references

His name is a pun on "atomic fireball". Or, possibly "A Tome of Fireball", just like his sister Wanda is "Wand of Fireball".

Also Atomic Fireball is a round, cinnamon-flavored hard candy invented by Nello Ferrara in 1954 and produced by Ferrara Pan Candy Company.

Preceded by:
Chief Warlord of Goodminton Succeeded by:
Pom Fritz