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Well, time for a makeover it is then.
I didn't think "total makeover" would be so literal.

Proposed Canon

Ashen skin is part of the personal Signamancy of some units, usually Casters. It sometimes happens to units having faced some great personal tragedy or hardship.[1]

This form of Signamancy can sometimes be inflicted almost instantaneously. Isaac Cipher developed ashen skin as an immediate result of a trance fusion gone bad.

The only known way of reversing this change is for the unit to Croak and be subsequently Decrypted. This causes a "subtle realignment" that seems to mentally or spiritually heal them of the damage dealt, without necessarily causing them to forget it.[2]

Known Ashen Units


It's possible that a Signamancy Spell, similar to but opposite the one that was used on Slately in the Siege of Spacerock could be crafted to temporarily return the caster to their previous appearance.


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