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First Mention: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 4
First Appearance: LIAB Text 55

Proposed Canon

Aquatic units' are Water-capable and live in water hexes. Most known Aquatic units are ferals, though some Sea powers can pop them, such as Haggar and their Aquabats.

Hashtag’s Guide to Water-Capables details some monstrously huge feral aquatic units like Harryhausens and Quakkens, the former of which can single-handedly threaten entire coastal cities.

Some Aquatic units are also Submarine units, able to go deep underwater and attack ships from beneath.

Seafarers used to consider taming feral aquatics impossible. however lubbers, or Warlords without the Seafarer special are able to tame some aquatics and temporarily "befriend"others, such as Quakkens.

Known Units

Known Aquatic units include:


It's possible not all Aquatic units are Submarine units. For example, aquatic units like Wake snakes and Groovesharks have been hit by Beam Weapons, so unless they can go far under the surface they must not be Submarine units.WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 5

There are Flyer class aquatic units, like Seabiscuits, able to leave the ocean. It's unknown, but possible, that aquatics are as helpless on land as at sea without being flyers. It's possible there are amphibious aquatic units.