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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by Charles.


Animu is a Manga and Anime themed side in Erfworld ruled by Queen Kawaii-tan with several heirs, the first of whome is Prince Otaku the Chief Warlord then, in the order they were popped, Princess chibi, Princess Moekko and the additional Prince Omake.

Units of Animu belong to the Manga tribe and are well known to use fabricated items created by their Dollamancer and enhanced with further powers by their Weirdomancer.

A group of Daemons are natural allies of Animu


Animu is a Royal Capital Side, producing human Units, including Nobles and Royals, located far East of the Y-axis.


The Capital of Animu is Neo-Mangaka-Xinye, which is actually a metropolis consisting of two level 3 cities (Neo and Xinye) and the level 4 city of Mangaka, which all share hex boundaries. A complex tunnel system is used by the Troop Rapid Automatic Movement System (T.R.A.M.S.), fabricated by Animu's Dirtamancer and Dollamancer, to transport Animu's forces between the three city hexes on their turn without expending move.


  • Neo-Mangaka-Xinye - Capital
  • Mangaka - Level 4
  • Neo - Level 3
  • Xinye - Level 3
  • Gekiga - Level 5
  • tankōbon - Level 4
  • Gaiden - Level 1 city
  • Bunkobon - Level 1 city
  • Tankōbon - Level 3 Port city
  • Hentai, Forbidden city of - Level 5 Port city - owned but never occupied


Former Characters

Current Characters


Popped Units

Fabricated Units

Natural Allies


Queen Kawaii-tan enforces only a Sailor uniform on all female troops and gakuran for male troops while encouraging her Heirs to choose the remainder of the Livery and apply it to the units under their command. However she does have more specific livery for units under her own command and the cities owned by her side.

  • Queen Kawaii-tan - Brown manga-style eye
  • Prince Otaku - A calm, blue smile face with blue flames for hair
  • Princess chibi - A grinning, pink smile face with a large tear drop at one temple
  • Princess Moekko - two yellow circles with dots in the middle... they're supposed to be eyes
  • Prince Omake - Four small, green heart shapes.


Main article: Erfworld Geography

Animu shares an overseas border with Speewah far behow the X-axis but the majority of the side lies far across the oceans from many of the better known sides such as Jetstone and Gobwin Knob, a good deal East of the Y-axis.

Real World References

Animu is slang for poorly drawn Manga or Anime. It is sometimes used to describe Anime or Manga created by non-Japanese artists and authors. The Entire side follows an Anime and Manga theme.