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Proposed Canon

Anchorbar, whose residents are sometimes referred to as The Anchormen, is a side in Erfworld. It is a major sea power, and the only one strong enough to rival Seaworld.

The Anchormen do not take prisoners and fight to the death if at all possible.

Seaworld has recently lost 2 major fleets underneath very mysterious conditions. Anchorbar has been able to take full advantage to conquer 2 of Seaworld's colonies.

On every single one of Anchorbar's ships, either the first mate or the second officer is not a seafarer. This policy is intended to mitigate the negative effects of the seafarer special, such as the fact that it prevents seafarers from taming ferals.

Anchorbar's ships are equipped with ovens, which are avoided by most sides due to the seafarers' superstitions regarding fire. These ovens are used to bake bread, a favored food of the quakken. Anchorbar uses their non-seafarering officers to make quakkens friendly to their ships. As a result, the quakkens act to defend their ships and attack enemy ships from down below. Seaworld has begrudgingly been forced to adopt the same tactic, calling their own equivalent "forecastles".



Real World References

Anchorbar is presumably a reference to the restaurant by the same name, the weights used to keep ships in place, and News Anchors